It's all about relationships!

Today it is clear that the hospitality service sector and the manufacturing industry have changed significantly, diversity and expectation in both areas is rapidly evolving. In addition, brands offering services at a certain level are increasingly hard to differentiate between. Customers are also changing, they have never had such easy access to so much information and their choices are more informed, particularly when it comes to purchasing vehicles, hotel beds, flights or car rental. So what determines good from bad? And what key factors really influence the purchasing decisions of our customer's? Rightly or wrongly in fewer and fewer cases it is solely the quality of the product, rather it is the product combined with service. So how should I welcome my clients? How should my employees react to the individual wishes and needs of my clients? How do I resolve problems and how can I build customer loyalty?


Thomas Wurzinger has answers to all of these questions; A top hotelier with more than 25 years of experience in international luxury hospitality he has worked with the best hotels in the world and has climbed the career ladder from waiter to General Manager. As a service expert he knows exactly what matters in the interactions between employees and guests: The people, their motivation, their talent, their engagement levels and how to develop not only their skills but also their willingness to provide the best for your customers.


With his talent, to convince people of his ideas and to tease the best out of them, Thomas Wurzinger has the ability to transform a service desert into a service oasis; he is a real doer, a teacher not a preacher with insights gained from years of hands on practice and this passion can be felt in every interaction with him.