Concept Development

One thing is clear, whether you are opening a restaurant, bar, café or spa you will want to stand out from the competition and to do this your concept needs to be convincing and attractive. Thanks to his many years of experience in international luxury hotels and the spa and wellness industry combined with extensive travel around the globe, Thomas Wurzinger is the ideal partner for the development of successful concepts. He has seen what works and what doesn’t and knows exactly the right touch points which take a business from a nice idea on paper to a thriving, successful model in reality.


Thomas will work with you on your ideas and advise ways in which they can best be ‘brought to market’. At a time when you may be considering launching into your life’s dream venture it will be reassuring to have such experienced hands, eyes and ears on your side.


Concepts Thomas has created and operated:

  • Summer Pavilion | The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore
  • Cam | The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul
  • RC Bar | The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul
  • Cintemani | The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul
  • Desbrosses | The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin
  • The Curtain Club | The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin
  • Vitrum - 1* Michelin | The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin
  • Aqua - 3* Michelin | The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg