Management Support

Emergencies; every business owner or manager knows them. The trigger can be an unexpected wave of resignations, sickness or simply lack of personnel at the highest level. For small and medium-sized enterprises, such emergencies can threaten their very existence. However there is a safety net for when things get tough; Thomas Wurzinger with Hospitality4U offers management support at the Executive level for short assignment ‘crisis management’ or long term management solutions if required.


Drawing on decades of experience in the international luxury hotel and a strong network of professionals in the service industry, Hospitality4U has excellent contacts with potential executives to suit your needs. Alternatively you may find your business ‘fully staffed’ but you are not ‘fully satisfied’ with the performance of your senior team. If this is the case then Hospitality4U will find you the best trainers and motivational coaches. Those same senior managers may not be delivering on their promises to customers and employees.


Thomas and his team can bring fresh thinking to the managers role and help to recharge the batteries of your team getting managers back in touch with their responsibilities and motivating their teams.