Pre-opening Service

There's hardly a company in the international luxury hotel industry, which puts so much work into a pre-opening as the Ritz-Carlton hotel company does. Small wonder then that this American company has been awarded as best hotel group in the world on several occasions. One reason for this success is this detailed advance planning combined with a strong company philosophy; nothing is left to chance.


Around 360 days before an opening, an action plan is developed which really focuses on each department and goes down to the last detail. In addition to this, processes are defined, implemented and trained over and over again to ensure that they are a perfect fit for the location. In the 14 days before the opening every system and item is tested to beyond failure to ensure that physical items work and more importantly that operational systems and processes deliver what they should. With the experience of 7 hotel openings under the Ritz-Carlton flag and also many ideas and new insights, Thomas Wurzinger brings a solid foundation in pre-opening and ensures the successful continuation of a project in addition to a successful opening. In this area, success is defined in the detail and there is no one more detailed than Thomas.