Quality Management

What does quality mean and how can it best be measured? Depending on the industry, Thomas will work with you to understand where things currently stand. During this process he first analyses how you see your company, what your employees and your management think and of course what your customers think.

This 360° view is the basis for a detailed Status Quo analysis. The choice is then yours, you can continue with that Status Quo or as a customer of Hospitality4U you can work together with Thomas Wurzinger on solutions for potential quality defects, establishing a new corporate philosophy and, in time, on service training programs for your employees.

But proceed with caution; as an uncompromising service expert Thomas will not wrap the truth in flowery paper for you but he will be open and honest, realistic and pragmatic, but always with the goal of targeting solutions. Thomas will not be carrying Band-Aids to patch up any service wounds inside your business instead he will target the causes of these wounds of on the ground and take a holistic, balanced approach to healing them for the long term benefit of your business.