Mystery Shopping

The anonymous testing of a product or a service, for the underperforming manager or business owner the very idea is resisted or feared. For Thomas the mystery shop is an opportunity; the most effective method to define levels of quality experienced by customers and to check whether a company is complying with its own the self-defined standards.


During the mystery shop the service expert puts each individual product and service under the magnifying glass. Observations are then meticulously documented on a comprehensive checklist with more than 1,000 points, supported by pictures and observations with the first ideas of how to improve.


After mystery shopping clients will receive the full checklist and a written summary of the highlights and lowlights of customer service experienced. Additionally, documented solutions will also be available to allow for targeted action in fixing gaps in service. For clients wishing to take this a step further, Thomas can support them in the preparation and implementation of new processes, as well as in the training of employees.