Trainings + Workshops

When we find weaknesses or errors in our own company it is natural to want to fix them. As managers or owners we cannot be in every customer interaction every hour of the day and so we rely on our employees and the truth is that they are the people who represent your brand and who your customers are interacting with. Of course we know that there will be break downs in the system but we can limit them and learn from them if we do it correctly. No employee likes to hear that he or she makes mistakes, or that a process they have known for years is actually not correct.


In these situations Thomas can help you by identifying gaps and personalising training with the right words, personal anecdotes and conclusive argument geared towards not only fixing problems but also reigniting the personal ambition of individual employees to want to do better in the future.


His training courses and workshops are characterized by their proximity to the operation and the traceability of solutions, but above all by his winning style and the ability to motivate others. Team building, executive training, classic service training and complaint handling; Thomas offers customized training solutions and workshops for all of the important areas within your business.