Thomas Wurzinger

Austrian Thomas Wurzinger is a real service expert, with more than 25 years of experience in the international luxury hospitality industry. The Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Berlin and Wolfsburg saw him evolve from the position of hotel manager to general manager. In 2008 Thomas felt the great draw to return to Asia and he served as Managing Director for Tangula luxury trains, responsible for the development and management of China's first globally recognized brand in the field of luxury travel.  2010 brought a new journey to the vibrant city of Bangkok where Thomas joined GOCO Hospitality, a consulting and operating company specializing in wellness hospitality. As a founding member and Group Director - Operations, Thomas was responsible for the entire operations branch of the company. From 2010 to 2011 he found himself immersed in the perfect combination of operating and wellness when, on behalf of GOCO, he took on the role of General Manager at SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain. Since October 2015, Thomas Wurzinger is now bringing his expertise to a new audience and offering independent service with Hospitality4U.


So is Thomas your typical corporate type, bursting with wisdom but lacking in empathy and emotion?  Certainly not and it is a strong sense of family that has brought him back to his adopted home in Berlin and in close proximity to his family in Austria. Thomas has never forgotten where he first felt the passion for hospitality and the days spent working with his father, a pastry chef, set the wheels in motion for a career centred on the service of others. Thomas can be found back at home with his family whenever the opportunity arises enjoying home cooked food and the clean mountain air. There is no doubt that successful business is built on close relationships and this is a message that Thomas extends to both his personal and professional life. In short: It's all about relationships!

CV Thomas Wurzinger
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